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Tiny Kitchen Design Hints

If cold and flu season has rocked your system like it has mine, twice, tea and crumpets may be just what you need. Last week, before sickness knocked me out of commission, my friend Lauren introduced me to Northern Spy Food Company. She’s a lover of London having lived there for a time, and what our server referred to as « [their] own little ex-Pat community » makes her feel right at home.

You could have a go at revamping a bathroom yourself if your DIY skills are up to scratch, which is of course much cheaper than hiring a plumber. There are a few things you can do which are actually a lot more straightforward than you’d think, such as fitting a new sink and retiling walls and floors.

We had to find a new dutch oven home, after having to move from our previous home, and so you can guess, moving is a stressful time, especially when your partner is expecting! We had to find somewhere pretty quick, so we settled for a mid terraced property in the Bentley area of our town. It was a proper dump. Functional I suppose, with barely enough room to move about, and a tiny kitchen. we had no option to wait there until we could find a more suitable house in the next few months.

To make a small, cramped kitchen look larger, use lighter finishes for flooring, cabinets, counter tops, and walls, and leave the windows untreated or minimally treated to let in more light. All of these tricks help to create the illusion of a larger room, and the brightness will add further appeal while you spend time there.

Candles can be purchased at a decent price these days. Next time you are out pick up a few for your bedroom. Candles give a warm romantic feel to any room, but they go especially nice in the bedroom. You can place some fresh cut flowers next to your bed. This will help to make your room feel new and fresh again. Try putting a new plush rug next to your bed. Every time you get out of bed you will feel the softness of the rug under your toes!

By having this essential kitchen equipment allows us to decrease the amount of preservatives that we use. (And if it does not, then it should!) All of the small kitchen appliances allow us to alter recipes and make dinners and drinks specifically to our own tastes. You cannot do that with a store bought prepackaged dinner, which includes too many additives, preservatives, calories and way too much salt.

I find myself not wanting to do many things that I know I need to do to move on. So I practice self-trickery. I trick myself into joining groups and classes that I don’t want to because they are unfamiliar. I promise myself (as I once promised my daughter) that after fully participating – this is the key – I find it is not the group or class that fits me, I can stop.

Dorm supplies, as mentioned in #2, make sense to split the cost on. This is something often not considered and while all may have personal supplies things like cleaning supplies, air fresheners or other « home » products are important to consider. While it might be a small expense it’s an important one. Other joint supplies might be laundry soap (cheaper and better value in larger quantities) and dish soap.

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