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Kitchen Renovation Service


Your kitchen is one of the most important areas of your house. Let’s face it, you make all your meals there, snacks, etc… This is the main reason as to why your kitchen needs to be cleaned, put in order and kept that way. The biggest problem that most people have with kitchen organization is the use kitchen aid of valuable space. More often than not the cabinets and shelves are too far apart. This is an open invite to clutter. However, the effective use of a kitchen organizer can get your kitchen back in order in no time at all.

Kitchen Organizers come in many forms. If you want to clear up some room, you have to think about what you can do and what takes up the most room in your kitchen. One great item that you can get is a pot and pan rack. This is something that can be hung from the ceiling anywhere in the kitchen, though they look best over an island – if you have one. You can then hang any pots and pans there that you use often and even ones you do not use that much. That clears up a lot of storage space in your kitchen, and also puts your pots and pans within easy reach. Think of a rack as a double duty Kitchen Organizer.

Because it is not just about getting your kitchen organized one time, it is about keeping your kitchen organized. That is where the real challenge lies. So if you just organize the paper that comes into your kitchen one day but by the next day it is already a mess again, you have not really accomplished anything. One of the most helpful organize kitchen tips I can give you is to keep working with organizing one area of your kitchen until it stays organized. Do not move on to another area until the one that you are working with has stayed organized for at least a week.

Sort through your cabinets and toss anything expired or that you know you won’t use again. Look around your kitchen organization again and determine what belongs where. What makes the most sense to how you use your kitchen in terms of where the plates, glasses and bowls go? Put like foods together. For example, put all your baking goods together in one cabinet, canned goods together, snacks together, etc. Be sure to organize vertically. Make use of every inch upwards if needed. Use helper shelves or add your own additional shelves. Be sure to put less used items up high or where inconvenient.

Because space is hard to come by in the kitchen, many new products do more than one job. They are a lot like the Swiss Army Knife, in that they can be used for different tasks. Today we want to talk about the Chef Basket, which is one of the most popular new all-in-one kitchen utensils.

This rack can be used for any kind of kitchen implement, pot, sauce pan or utensil; don’t think you must only use it for pots and pans. Use it to store your frequently used or favorite silicon spatula or whisk for easy access during preparation. The pot rack has a center heavy duty screen to allow for even more pots to be stored or for balancing the rack should you have a multitude of heavy cookware. Hang your cast iron cookware in the middle of the rack and if you plan to use the Classicor pot rack predominantly for cast iron, reinforce the hooks in the ceiling. Your local hardware store will have what you need.

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